Reduce Your Divorce Attorney Bill By Choosing a REALTOR® specializing in Divorce

Let’s face it, most couples in the midst of divorce do not have the best feelings towards one another. The top priority of divorcing spouses should be to wind down their affairs so that they can move on with their new, separate lives.
Marty Halfon has found that this is easier said than done, and attributes many issues to an inability to have a constructive dialog. “The couples I have worked with clearly need to untangle their assets and that necessitates some communication between each other”, Mary reports from his hard-won experience. “The problem is, this communication can become heated, and it makes an already difficult situation worse, prolongs the process, and most tragically, can impact the kids”.
Another consequence of this conflict are hefty legal bills. One easy way to rack up billable hours is to lean on the attorney to facilitate in communication with the ex. When selling the marital property, there are many logistical details that must be ironed out.

There is tremendous value in having an impartial real estate agent like Marty Halfon that can present a neutral voice to make a rational, informed decision removed from the emotional fray.

Mary Halfon points out that since the family home is normally considered the largest asset in the marriage, it is also the biggest point of contention. Whether it is pricing strategy, showing times, disclosures to potential buyers and myriad other details, there are many conversations that are required. If divorcing spouses are unable or unwilling to communicate to each other and “kick the can” to their legal teams to work it out, the legal bills grow exponentially.
For this reason, the professionals you hire outside of the actual divorce can potentially save tons of money. A real estate agent like Marty Halfon can help mitigate legal fees by providing a neutral voice and fostering a system of communication that is fair and equal to both spouses. More than a real estate agent, Marty is a problem solver that will offers effective, practical and creative solutions to accommodate the unique goals and family dynamics of divorcing couples.



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Marty Halfon's stellar reputation, marketing savvy and peerless service to clients has made him one of the most successful agents in the competitive Westside real estate market. More than a real estate agent, Marty is a problem solver that provides effective, practical and creative solutions to divorcing couples.Call Marty at 310-344-4465 or send him an email.

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