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Life After Divorce: #MorningCoffeeEdition Divorce Help LA!


Divorce Help LA!

We provide assistance with real estate assets after divorce. There are so many things that come up as people go through after a divorce happens. We show you a system that helps you go through this process easier than ever!

We guarantee an easier process for divorcees during the divorce process by handling the sale of the marital home or other real estate assets.



In this episode you will learn:

  • Who’s Divorce Help LA?
  • Divorce Happens: What’s the next step?
  • Dealing with life after marriage.

Divorce Help LA provides the ‘Ultimate Guide for Real Estate Advice after a Divorce’.

Successful divorce realtor Marty Halfon inspires and empowers positive investments and endless options for divorcees going through a divorce. Listen as he opens up about coping with a divorce and what steps to take with real estate assets after marriage fails.

He reveals his secrets and answers the hard questions that so many have after going through a divorce. Assets shared by both parties creates hardship for those that don’t how to plan for the future. Marty goes through the ends and outs of how to build again.

We’re here to support, educate & empower divorcees during the divorce process by handling the sale of the marital home or other real estate assets. Our goal is to help you better understand the value of your assets and consider your options about what to do with the family home or income property. We want to help you with the whole process, hassle-free!

We have a proven track record to show just how well we handle real estate assets during the selling process that relieves stress on either party. There are things that come up during the process that are unforeseen for sellers that we have mastered to help the sell go over smoothly.


One of the options you have to deal with the house after the marriage ends is to sell it and divide the proceeds.

Readying the marital home for sale

Our goal is to help you while making sure that each party is happy and both equally involved in the sell. We provide the cleaning services for the property to prepare the home for staging. We stage the entire property inside and out to ensure showings go well and that we get top dollar for the sell.

In some cases sellers don’t know the value of their own home and we help the clients evaluate their assets pain-free so that each party can agree that selling the home is the right option for them.


Divorce Real Estate: Put the property on the market

As professional realtors of SoCal we will guarantee that we will secure top dollar for your home. Marty Halfon of Halfon Properties in Beverly Hills has been a realtor for over 35+ years and has handles hundreds of deals with divorcee properties. Marty and his team of experts prides themselves on being able to breakdown all barriers so that both parties feel comfortable with letting us handle the bulk of the work it takes to successfully market and sell the property. We go over all expenses so that their are no blind spots when it comes to selling your home.

Explaining in detail the advantage of selling and splitting the money properly.

Divorce Help LA helps you

  • avoid expensive and painful court battles
  • weigh options when selling property
  • add value to the home, and
  • get top dollar for the home


Getting Help From Experts

As you can see there are a whole list of things that come up. You and your spouse can choose to make the decision to work this out with out the court battles. Go through with the selling of your home painless!

At such a painful and sensitive time we create a relieve to divorcees. Sometimes, you may not be able to sit down and discuss selling their assets equally by yourselves. Divorce Help La helps with that.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to let the obstacles stop you from making the process easy and clean. Work with a company that will create a breeding ground for prosperous results like us. We’re here to help you. Please inquiry today!

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