If neither spouse wants to stay in the family home, or if neither can afford to buy out the other, you can list the property with Marty Halfon and get the highest price the market will bear.



Winning the Home Pricing Game

Regardless of which option is best for you, pricing strategy can be a key element of disagreement between divorcing spouses. It is only human nature to have an emotional attachment to the home and that bond my color your perceived value.
Yet pricing the marital home may be more complex than first meets the eye. Pricing strategy is part art, part science, part negotiation and part marketing.
Market conditions and interest rates, location, age and other considerations will determine how much the family home will sell for. The idea, clearly, is to get the maximum price and the best terms during the window of time when your home is being marketed.
While anyone can run the numbers for you and provide a glimpse of recent sales, the real magic happens when you pair those numbers with the real world context and local market experience that Marty Halfon provides his clients. 





Readying the marital home for sale

Getting divorced is hard enough as it is, but preparing the family home for sale during this process only adds to the difficulty and stress of a collapsed marriage. Marty Halfon and his team will reduce the anxiety and stress, by handling all of the details that go into making your home presentable to potential buyers.
Your goal is to sell the marital property for top dollar, and buyers have high expectations. A beautifully staged home will sell faster than a house that is not, and Marty Halfon is a stickler for the details. He will help prioritize upgrades that will add the most value based on your specific home, neighborhood and market. Knowing which home projects will pay off is his job.
Marty Halfon and his team of home improvement professionals will take the stress and anxiety out of the equation, executing any updates in timely and cost-effective way. Whether it’s painting, refinishing wood floors, landscaping, adding exterior lighting or the many other things that add to curb appeal, Marty Halfon will ensure that the home is move-in ready as possible and commands top dollar.


Marketing the family home

Once the marital home is in prime condition and priced right to attract the most potential buyers, Marty Halfon will maximize its exposure.
Selling a property involves much more than advertising it on the MLS and putting a sign on the ground. It has to be exposed through online dominance and the industry connections Marty has fostered for over three decades as an agent in Beverly Hills and surrounding Westside communities and a real estate investor.
Marty is constantly pushing the envelope with new ideas and innovations to better connect your property to the right buyers. The end result is selling the marital home for the most amount of money, in the shortest period of time, with the least complications.



The only thing more stressful than going through a divorce or selling a home is going through these things at once. It's a perfect storm and not everyone can prepare you for this whirlwind of change. Unless you've been through it, you don't get it. Let Marty guide you through these life-changing events.Call him at 310-344-4465 or fill out the form below for a confidential consultation.


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