You have options relating to the marital home.







You should understand your rights and economic realities before making any decisions.


The marital home may be the greatest single asset of your marriage, but it may become a point of contention in your divorce given its financial and emotional value. There may be difficulty deciding on such things as a sale price or disagreement on the anticipated equity.



Our job is not to take sides, but to focus on the property issues and demonstrate the options you have to consider. We give you straight answers so that you are fully informed before you chose a direction. Neutral, third party information can help both of you make logical decisions removed from the emotional fray.


There is usually one of three scenarios that takes place for most couples who go through a divorce.

The house is sold immediately and the equity, if there is any, is split up as agreed upon.
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One spouse buys out the other's equity stake in the marital property and keeps the home.
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One spouse continues living in the home, typically until the youngest child grows up, at which time the home is sold.
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During this trying period, you can rely on Marty Halfon's steadfast integrity, professionalism and service excellence he has proven over decades. You'll find his experience and practical knowledge to be most welcome when facing divorce. Call Marty at 310-344-4465 or send him an email.

Each of these options have far-reaching financial and tax consequences that are best approached with experts.

For over 35 years, Marty Halfon has cultivated relationships with a team of trusted professionals that can explain the pros and cons of each course of action.
If selling the marital home makes sense, selecting your REALTOR® with great consideration during this tumultuous time is critical.
Selling a home is a life-changing event that is stressful under ordinary circumstances. Add in the emotional turmoils of the separation, legal issues, custody battle and settlement negotiations, and it's no wonder why a real estate team that specializes in divorce is indispensable.
Marty and his team provides the experience, resources and risk management tools that most traditional real estate agents cannot bring to the table.
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The only thing more stressful than going through a divorce or selling a home is going through these things at once. It's a perfect storm and not everyone can prepare you for this whirlwind of change. Unless you've been through it, you don't get it. Let Marty guide you through these life-changing events.Call him at 310-344-4465 or fill out the form below for a confidential consultation.


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