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When a marriage dissolves, emotions can overtake reason as couples untangle their finances, routines, and other details of their life together. Marty Halfon and his team at Rodeo Realty provides a neutral voice that understands the unique challenges associated with the sale of what is usually considered the largest asset to divide in divorce – the family home.






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During a divorce, there may be disagreements on the pricing strategy, marketing, accessibility and showings. Other than an attorney and a good financial adviser, your most valuable resource and advocate during this contentious time will be REALTORS® who can establish trust with both parties and remain neutral. Seasoned real estate agents Marty Halfon and Rubin Makhani understand the nuances of selling divorce real estate and can help broker a win-win solution that equitably divides the marital home or investment property.

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The only thing more stressful than going through a divorce or selling a home is going through these things at once. It's a perfect storm and not everyone can prepare you for this whirlwind of change. Unless you've been through it, you don't get it. Let Marty guide you through these life-changing events.Call him at 310-344-4465 or fill out the form below for a confidential consultation.


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